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  • Domestic Sewerage Network Repairs

    We undertake sewage and draining works all around the vicinity of Chania. The use of our state of the art equipment, along with our experienced and trained personnel, results in the quickest and cheapest possible solution for the problems your plumbing and sewage might face.
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  • Drainage Trucks

    We undertake cesspool evacuations and transportation of effluents. Our highly trained personnel, with the addition of our state of the art equipment guarantee the pumping of every liquid or solid effluent.

  • Chemical Toilets

    We offer chemical toilets for rent around the vicinity of Chania. Our chemical toilets are suitable for people with disabilities. Guarantee high hygiene standards at every occasion, public space, concerts, etc. with our - latest technology - products.

  • Checks with Camera

    This method is the most modern in the market, offering precise detection of the possible problem in your sewage system. The result? The fastest possible resolution to any malfunction in your sewage system with reliable results and affordable prices.

  • Sewerage Network Maintenance Service

    Upon customer request, we take care of the maintenance of your sewerage network responsibly. We arrive on the date you have indicated to us every month to check your sewers, avoiding damage to your property and unpleasant odors that may have been caused.
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