Cesspool Evacuations in Chania

Our company, SOS Apofraktiki in Chania, carries out the sewer drains in combination with the transport of sewage. In our 40 years of presence in the field of blockages, one of our main activities is the evacuation of the cesspit. Our trained and skilled personnel in combination with our latest technological equipment guarantee the pumping of any liquid or solid waste. Although it sounds like a simple task, emptying the fossa, depending on its construction, needs to be processed in the appropriate way. Our goal is to empty your cesspool as quickly as possible, leaving your space clean respecting all hygiene Standards, achieving the desired result at affordable prices. 

We can undertake the drainage in: 

  • Houses 
  • Apartment buildings 
  • Shops 
  • Business 
  • Public bodies
  • Factories
  • Crafts
  • Schools
  • Boats/ships 
  • Hospitals 

After the evacuation we undertake the transport of sewage to the STC (sewage treatment center) of Chania with our tankers, offering the flawless evacuation and transportation of your sewage, resulting in a clean cesspool and a clean surrounding area. 


Contact us 24 hours a day and we will respond immediately to your request, offering the best services at the most economical prices on the market.