Sewerage Maintenance in Chania

Our company, SOS Apofraktiki, specializes in the maintenance of sewerage in the entire prefecture of Chania. our 40 years of experience in the field and our specialized staff combined with our modern equipment guarantee you fastefficient and trouble-less response to any sewer problem you might have. We undertake the maintenance of your sewerage system with the guarantee that it will operate flawlessly throughout the year. Maintenance can be carried out every month, quartersemester or once a year, according to your needs and network encumbrance. 



why it is necessary to maintain the sewerage network? 


With the passing of time the sewer system of our home or our workplace might get damaged. The damage created over time usually creates more persistent problems that dealing with them is both times– consuming and costly. Unfortunately, most buildings have not had maintenance for decades which results in damages to their sewerage system. Sometimes this happens in an effort to reduce the maintenance costs of the building, but over time the costs are much higher than in a well-maintained system. Damage that may be caused due to non-or lack of maintenance may be even more costly than a regularly maintained building. 

what to watch for preventive maintenance of the sewer system?


In addition to regular maintenance from our qualified staff, there are some things you can take care of so that you can maintain your sewerage as far as possible. What you can do:  

  • Beware of hair, food, solid objects in sinks and basins 
  • Allow some hot water to run in the sink after washing the dishes, facilitating the flow of fats and food residues to the mains without sticking to the piping. 
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of your plumbing 
  • Try to avoid the use of chemical cleaners sold in the market as they corrode the piping and can even cause irreparable damage. 
  • If you notice reduced water runoff in your sink, bath, or  pipette , call us immediately. Blockage will be easier, quicker and more economical than if you wait for it to shut down completely. 


 Preventive sewer maintenance 


The preventive and regular maintenance of your sewerage system ensures the smooth operation of the systems, avoiding damage which in addition to the high cost they require, may have irreparable results. Our Company undertakes the maintenance of your sewerage with specially trained personnel and modern equipment. Always with respect to your property, we guarantee you the most efficient and economical services on the market. Contact us for an on-the-spot assessment of your sewage health using the our special sewer camera. We can immediately undertake contracts for the maintenance of home, residentialwork space, crafts, public service and any sewer system needing our services.