Drainage inspection with Camera

Our company has the ability to control your drainage and pipes with camera. This method is the most up-to-date in the field and provides precise identification of the potential problem the drainage system may face. The result; Faster resolution of the drainage system malfunction with reliable results and cost savings. 

Why Do I Need Camera check in my drainage? 

The drainage system may not function properly or may be clogged for various reasons, 

  • Sewage sediment 
  • or fats 
  • or soils 
  • [Drawing]various solid objects 
  • roots of nearby trees 
  • botchery 
  • sedimentation 
  • or broken pipes

Over time, the above factors may block the flow of water into the drainage system, resulting in sewage water finding a way out in your bathroom, your kitchen, your yard, and even inside your walls. Consequently, it is necessary to identify the source of the problem you are facing. 

Camera inspection enables us to inspect the tubes very accurately, identifying the potential problem without having to use other diagnostic methods. In the past, when a malfunction in the sewer system occurred, it took a lot of time, hard work, and most of all, a lot of digging and shoveling, resulting in increased cost. Now, with the use of a dedicated digital drainage camera, we can detect the cause of the drainage system malfunction immediately, efficiently and mostly without excessive costs. 

How is the camera drainage system processed? 

 Our drainage diagnostic camera is extremely flexible and can penetrate your drainage system as easily as it can branch off into the pipes and reach the point where the pipes are potentially blocked. Our experienced and trained staff enters the camera through the basin, pipes or any other access point. At the same time, it monitors the interior of the pipes from the machine screen. Once the potential damage is detected, the transmitter accurately detects the position of the camera in the piping. Thus, the plumber has a complete picture of the problem, knowing precisely the type and location of the damage, being now able to suggest the most efficient way to resolve the problem. 


Solving the problem 


Our staff has both the experience and the know-how to deal with anything that comes after the camera check. In our 40 years in the industry, we are able to perform the most demanding tasks. Using the most up-to-date machinery we can fix anything that impedes the smooth operation of your sewer system in the fastest and most economical way possible. 


Trust the experts and don’t hesitate to give us a call!