Chemical Toilets

Our company offers chemical toilets for rent around the vicinity of Chania. Our toilets are easily transported to the place you want them. We offer toilets suitable for people with disabilities.

Keep high standards of hygiene on every occasion, in public spaces, marriages, concerts, etc. with the latest technology products of SOS Drainage.

What are chemical toilets?

Chemical toilets offer the necessary hygiene conditions in places where there is no sewage system. Human effluent is collected in a tank, in which with the help of special chemicals, odours are minimized and bacteria or other micro-organisms are partially neutralized.

Usually, chemical toilets are easily transported, but there are occasions when they can be permanently installed. Their advantage is that they can be connected to a tank for the effluents, so they are easy to move. However, the tank needs to be emptied often and the chemicals need to be renewed. Usually, they can be found in public spaces,  concerts, weddings, public markets, military drills,  and many locations where sewage and plumbing installations are not sufficient or non-existent.

Want to rent chemical toilets for your event or any other reason? Trust our products, and call us to evaluate your needs and offer the best possible solution!