Blockages in Chania

Our company undertakes blockages throughout the prefecture of Chania. The use of modern machinery in combination with our experienced and trained personnel result in the faster and economical possible resolution of any problemfacing in your sewer system. As serious as the problem you encounter can be, call us, we have the experience and knowledge to help you. 

 When a blockage is needed? 


The sewer system consists of piping, either vertical or horizontal with many intersections and angles. Over time sediment is created and adheres to the surface of the piping. Which is a product of soap, food residue, grease, oils, small solid objects that fell into the system, etc? These did not manage to escape with the flow of water, resulting in congestion and preventing normal water flow.   

We can decide we are in need of a blockage in case we observe: 


  • Slow water drainage in washbasin or bathtub, shower 
  • Frequent clogging of the above and remaining water 
  • Bad smell from the Pipettes 
  • Water coming out of the bathroom Drain 
  • There’s water coming out of an outside trough in our backyard. 


In these cases, it is necessary to call us, explain the situation and a specialist will carry out a check on the sewerage system of your house, building or workplace. Then we can assess the potential damage and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective way to deal with it.   

How is the blockage done? 


In the event that our specialists consider necessary to make a blockage, if the problem is obvious, we proceed to the process of obstruction using an electric machine with steel wire. We pass through the pipe where the problem is the steel wire which has a head diameter proportional to the tube that is carried out. With continuous spinning the machine cleans the debris from  the pipeline allowing the water to escape. In case there are residues which cannot be dealt with by the steel wire, we use a high-pressure waterjet. The blockage with high pressure waterjet is one of the fastest and most efficient solutions for clogging and cleaning all kinds of drainage and duct. It is placed in the sewer system as well as the steel wire and is connected to a high pressure pump. Once it has been set to the point where we want to make the blockage fires water with high pressure by clearing the pipeline of any residues remaining in it, making it literally as new. 


Call us to evaluate the problem you face. Trust the experts.